Channels is currently expanding its opportunities to engage with students, schools, community organisations, and tertiary institutions.

2015 will deliver artist-run creative development workshops for young people through workshops for young people in collaboration with galleries and institutions, free to download education kits for tertiary engagement, and artist talks throughout the festival.

In the future, Channels hopes to offer further interaction and opportunities for public engagement.

How to Engage

Learning resources

A PDF of the 2015 Channels education kit will be available shortly. Please join our mailing list below to receive a notification about our 2015 learning resources and further ongoing opportunities to engage.

The 2015 education kit is targeted at tertiary TV, Film, and Media students, and can be accessed by anyone, but particularly teachers and lecturers. Please feel free to utilise content, questions, and suggested themes as a way of engaging yourself, your peers, your students, and your community in discussion around the role you feel video art and digital technology plays in our society.

To find out more about our learning resources please contact christa@channelsfestival.net.au.


ACMI Intermix: Video Production and Performance
Sam Smith will present a talk about his creative process: from research to production, filmmaking, to installation and performances.

Floor discussions will follow the talk, where the audience will be invited to participate in an engaging conversation with the artist.

Augmented Reality Workshop
An introductory workshop with artist Kate Geck, where you can make a simple print image interactive.


If you, or anyone you know is interested in learning more about video art and the role that festivals play in the development of new ideas throughout our city, volunteering can be a great way to get involved, gain new skills, learn the ins and outs of a festival context, and connect with like-minded people. To find out more information on how to volunteer, you can sign up to our newsletter to hear about upcoming opportunities, or email hello@channelsfestival.net.au.