Winner Announced: FACT and Channels Artist Bursary 2015

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Kihlberg & Henry, Apeirophobic Framework, 2015, video still

After a long process of deliberation, we are excited to announce the winner of FACT and Channels Artist Bursary 2015 is Apeirophobic Framework (2015) by artist duo Kihlberg & Henry (UK).

Channels has recently joined forces with FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool in a competition searching for video artists and filmmakers exploring contemporary issues around Memory, Time, Space and Identity in relation to the blurred boundaries between digital and the ‘real’. The panel — Soda_Jerk (AUS), Sarah Tutton (AUS), Shona Illingworth (UK) and Rory Macbeth (UK) — has received video works from all around the world. The quality of video works we received for this inaugural co-commission is exceptional. After a tough selection process, we are pleased to announce the winner is Apeirophobic Framework (2015) by artist duo Kihlberg & Henry (UK). 

The winning team will receive a bursary of £2,000 to support the production of a new work, which will be showcased on national media arts player and CANVAS, the UK Multi Channel Network for the arts.

We would like to thank all the artists who have entered the competition. You can watch the shortlisted videos on


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Image: Kihlberg & Henry, Apeirophobic Framework, 2015, video still

‘Apeirophobic Framework explores problematic and poetic possibilities of understanding in relation to ideas of time, future and artistic practice. The term Apeirophobia, meaning fear of the future or fear of infinity, is taken as a strategy for approaching an event with simultaneous relationship to its past, present and future, especially where there is a possibility to envisage an infinity. This infinity might be experienced equally in an exhibition of objects, the expanses of the internet or within the loose parameters of language.’ — Kihlberg & Henry



FACT and Channels Artist Bursary 2015 Finalists:


Tessa Garland — ‘Another Day West of Highway 62
Christine Burke — ‘Cover the Mirrors
Henry Driver — ‘Drone’
Rosie O’Donnell — ‘Family Videos 1989 – 2007
Peter Tucker — ‘Finding an Innermost Centre/Shapeshifting Dreamscape/ Gondwana Turmoil’
Cassandra Tytler — ‘Fiona71
Robyn Base — ‘Granular Observation
Chris Boyd — ‘Green Screen Self Study
Rui Hu — ‘Metropolitan Triangle Garden
BK — ‘Office: Work
Charles Richardson — ‘Passed Down Data’
Arturo Fuentes Calle — ‘PLANAR’
Keaton Fox — ‘PROOFS
Mark Tholander — ‘Simulacrum
Hermione Merry & Henriette Kassay-Schuster — ‘Song for the Stage, the Captives and the Line of Production
Vanessa Godden — ‘Travelling Fatherhood
Mark Gorton — ‘tWWItter
Nicole Rayburn — ‘UsThemThemUs
Tina Willgren — ‘Walk Cycle’
Arie Rain Glorie — ‘Waltz
Jed Hilton — ‘We Who Live in Theatres
Weigang Song — ‘Write Me Off’
Clara Aparicio — ‘Zoom in
Mark Tholander — ‘####
Amelia Johannes — ‘Patterns/Gestures