Two Party State

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Two Party State

Liquid Architecture and Channels Festival converge for Two Party State at Schoolhouse Studios.

A conglomerate of local and international video, sound and performance artists. Synesthetes unite, under one powerful mandate: to party.

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  • Lord Joel Stern (Australia), Liquid Architecture, National Emergency Management
  • Princess Danni Zuvela (Australia), Liquid Architecture, Special Advisor to the President
  • Dame Anabelle Lacroix (France/Australia), Liquid Architecture, Transnational Cooperation


  • Lady Nikki Lam (Australia) Director, National Policy and Capability
  • Professor Anita Spooner (Australia) Executive Director Operations
  • Dr Melissa Edwards (Australia) Crisis Coordination

ANNOUNCING: Liquid Architecture and Channels form a coalition with a mandate to party on September 26 at a summit at Schoolhouse Studios.

Outcome 1 — A deliberation on the existence of video and/or sound art as legitimately extant modalities for contemporary art-making/partying

Outcome 2 — A deliberation on the feasibility of such, with regard to the generation of a united cooperation in the form of a jointly-operated event (hereafter, “The Party”).

ACTING CHAIR: I will call the committee to order and I will call on Lord Stern to make an opening statement.

Senator Joel Stern: Yes. With reference to Outcome 1 –

CHAIR: That would be, “Outcome 1 — A deliberation on the existence of video and/or sound art as legitimately extant modalities for contemporary art-making/partying”,correct?

Senator JOEL STERN: Yes. We wish to question the existence of so-called “video art” in contemporary art.

CHAIR: Channels, you have been made aware of this enquiry on notice – do you have a response?

Senator ANITA SPOONER: Yes, we do. We wish to respond with a comment of our own which is that we would question the existence of so-called “sound art”. Or, actually, whether or not that term isn’t, in common parlance, a bit “meh”.

CHAIR: It would appear that this chamber may need to adjourn to consider these mutually inclusive inquiries.

Proceedings suspended from 09:06 until 09:26 [Discussion of medium specificity]

CHAIR: As both parties have agreed to disagree, it would appear that what is required is a feasibility study to determine the a) existence and b) viability of each art form. Does either organisation have a suggestion for how this study may be undertaken?

Senator DANNI ZUVELA: With respect to that, we would like to propose spectators be offered the chance to address this issue themselves in a suitable environment to make the determination; i.e. at a gig.

CHAIR: A what?

Senator ANABELLE LACROIX: A party!

Senator NIKKI LAM: We would like to propose a gig. Channels will demonstrate the feasibility and existence of video art at an event featuring music, dancing and general partying.

Senator JOEL STERN: That sounds more like sound art than video art.

Senator MELISSA EDWARDS: Except that we propose spectators are actually having a good time.

Senator DANNI ZUVELA: LA’s gig will feature artists interacting with video projections.

Senator ANITA SPOONER: That sounds more like video art to me, sorry.

Senator JOEL STERN: We would like to draw the chamber’s attention to our members – Jenny Walshe, Basic House and Tom Smith – who will put these queries to rest.

CHAIR: From this edifying exchange it is obvious to this chamber that in order to achieve Outcome 1, both parties will need to undertake a feasibility study into each other’s artform in the form of a jointly-operated warehouse party, featuring BOTH musical and video performance, BOTH live sound and installed video, and demonstrating – or disputing – the existence of BOTH sound art AND video art. Following the agenda, we will start with outcome 2, ‘united cooperation in the form of a jointly-operated event, known as the “Two Party State”).’ Deputy Chair, do you want to start off?

Download the full statement from the Entertainment and Constitutional Affairs Cooperation Committee.
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Curated by Anita Spooner for Channels Festival, and Joel Stern and Danni Zuvela from Liquid Architecture.