In the Epoch of the Near and Far

19-27 September, Tues-Fri 9-5, Sat & Sun 10-5
Petra Cortright i feel u
Video still from "i feel u" (2015) by Petra Cortright. Webcam video, 1:46 minutes. Courtesy Foxy Production

Six contemporary artists engage with the concept of post-representational identity and the ways we operate in the physical world as a result of our engagement with the digital.

Drawing upon Foucault’s theory of heterotopias and, particularly, his mirror analogy, curator Amelia Winata presents In the Epoch of the Near and Far. The exhibition seeks to reframe the dominant attitude that digital media distort reality. It argues, in contrast, for an osmatic model in which screen-based life and physical life regularly influence one another in a back and forth motion.

Identifying an input/gestation/reflection model common to the so-called ‘digital age,’ this exhibition suggests that public and private identities are merging, travelling towards a liminal state.



Amelia Winata is a Melbourne-based curator and writer.

Join us for the opening on 19 September, 6-9pm with a special performance from Emile Zile.