Foundations: Australian Video Art

17-27 September, 12-5pm daily
Australian Mediatheque, ACMI, Courtesy of Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

In Collaboration with Australian Mediatheque, this special selection of works drawn from the ACMI Collection presents an array of moving image artworks with a focus on the foundations of Australian video art practice.

A special selection of moving image artworks drawn from the ACMI Collection with a focus on the foundations and early work of Australian video artists. Australian video artists were and are innovative, treating video as a fluid medium by which to document, remix, appropriate, animate and explore political and social ideas. Everything from a strong DIY ethos to video making and distributing as well as the emergence of cyber culture in the 1990s make up this diverse history.

Enjoy a selection of video art by artists including Ian Andrews, Sadie Benning, Dara Birnbaum, Siegfried Fruhauf, Laresa Kosloff, Jonathan Nix and Peter Tscherkassky, and explore the early as well as current influences to Australian video art. Topics range from early cinematography, celluloid films, pre-internet culture and personal broadcast, that together shaped the foundation of video art practices since late 70s.

This collection is open to the public and can be viewed for free at the Australian Mediatheque, ACMI.

The Australian Mediatheque is open Monday to Sunday, 12-5pm.