Festival Store

18-27 September, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat & Sun 10am-5pm
Channels Festival 2019
Rewind Kym Maxwell
'Hi Ace Van' (2000) videowork by Guy Benfield. Single Channel, Colour, VHS, 14 mins. An edition of the (unpublished) La La Hi Prism Videolabel Electra series (Summer 2001). Image courtesy of Guy Benfield and Minerva Sydney.

The Channels Festival Store will be a unique retail experience for the discerning video voyeur, stocking a colourful assortment of festival merchandise, such as Channels USBs containing a selection of GIF artworks, Matthew Perkins’ book Videovoid, the collectors item LA LA Hi Prism VHS, Shortplay DVDs, and Tape Projects DVDs which includes work by artists Zoe Scoglio, Trevor Flinn and others.

The Festival Store is located at Grey Gardens Projects, Channels’ designated festival Hover. Support Channels by splurging on some memorabilia.

All our generous friends who supported the Pozible campaign are invited to collect their rewards and prizes here also.