In the Epoch of the Near and Far opening with performance by Emile Zile

Channels Festival 2019
James Cameron's Avatar (2015) by Emile Zile. Courtesy the artist

Join us to celebrate the opening of In the Epoch of the Near and Far. This event is not to be missed, featuring a one-off performance by Emile Zile.

Using his hand gestures to block and frame the projection of Avatar onto a screen Zile performs a re-ductionist shadow play, removing and reducing the effects of this multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster. The film is presented in its entirety, two hours and forty minutes.

“I reduce the film to ‘handmade’ status, returning the film to the hand rather than the render data farm. Through a series of hand-based ‘special effects’ I link this recent film to the origins of projected entertainment: fireside story-telling and shadow play in the cave.”

In the Epoch of the Near and Far features work by Petra Cortright (USA), Heath Franco (AUS), Marian Tubbs (AUS), Emile Zile (AUS/NL), Keith Deverell (UK/AUS) and Aaron Christopher Rees (AUS).