Augmented Reality Workshop


Image by Kate Geck, courtesy the artist

An introductory workshop with artist Kate Geck, where you can make a simple print image interactive.

Smartphones and social media create instantaneous connection, we exist in an immediate web of likes, emoji and information. But this mediated experience neglects the physical. Days and weeks can transpire undisrupted by immediate sensory experience, yet we’re still intimately connected to the social network of our world.

In light of this, Geck wants space for ‘unmediated immediacy’ – absorptive installations sensorially overloaded with colour and AV texture. These spaces are meditative – the wash of activity reinvigorates screen eyes; the soft spaces let hunched bodies stretch out. They disrupt the timestamps and binaries of interaction with quiet contemplation and reconnection to mind and body.

Kate Geck invites you to explore “the anxiety connectivity generates – and the ways we use our devices to negotiate this to create a more therapeutic mediated space.”

Workshop requirements

  • Late model iPhone or Android (requires camera and data/wi-fi connection)
  • Laptop with Adobe Photoshop


Kate Geck is an installation artist working with digital and sensory space, and the differences between what she terms mediated and unmediated immediacy. Her absorptive installations are sensorially overloaded with colour and AV texture, featuring acrylic sculpture, kaleidoscopic projections and augmented, digitally printed substrates. She is a CCD artist at Artful Dodgers Studios and a lecturer at Melbourne Polytechnic.

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